Gateway Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to get tested?

Everyone is required to get tested except:

  • If you’ve had a positive COVID-19 test within the past 90 days and can submit results. While we anticipate the CDC may change their guidance on this, we will follow their current guidelines of 90 days.
  • If you’ve taken a COVID-19 test within 5 days prior to arriving to campus and submit your results through Medicat ( - see instructions in #6).
  • If you’ve taken a COVID-19 test within 5 days prior to arriving to campus, faculty and staff upload results here 
  • If you do not plan to visit campus at all during spring 2021 (includes attending classes or utilizing facilities such as the SuRF or library)
  • If you are a student-athlete following the Bellarmine Athletics testing protocol

If any of the above is true, how do I opt out?

Complete the COVID-19 Survey Testing Opt-Out form.

If you tested positive in the last 90 days, you will need documentation to verify your positive test result. For tests conducted by a Norton Healthcare facility, results can be accessed via MyChart. If you tested elsewhere, you may need to contact the test provider and request documentation. If you are unable to obtain proof of your positive test result but believe Bellarmine may have a record of your case, you can contact Health Services for verification of your previous positive result. 

When can I get tested at Bellarmine?

Daily testing appointments took place January 3 - 9, 2021, as well as January 11 & 12, 2021.

How do I schedule a testing appointment at Bellarmine?

Gateway testing at Bellarmine concluded on January 12. If you would like to register for a Community testing appointment, please visit our Community Testing FAQ.

What happens if I do not get tested or do not submit a test result?

If you are a residential student, your ID will lose access to campus and your residence hall. You may be prohibited from attending in-person classes or utilizing campus resources such as the SuRF. If you are a member of Faculty or Staff, you could potentially lose access to campus resources with your Bellarmine ID or email, depending on the circumstance.  

How do I share my test results if I do not get tested on Bellarmine’s campus?


  • Log into Patient Portal by visiting:
  • Use your BU credentials (no needed)
  • Click the Login button
  • From the portal home page click Upload button at the top of the page
  • In the Documents available to be uploaded section use the drop-down list box to choose 2021 COVID-19 Test
  • Click the Select File button to find the file you wish to upload.
  • After choosing the file you want to upload click the blue Upload button

Faculty and Staff
Upload your test results using this link.

What kind of COVID-19 tests are accepted by Bellarmine?

PCR tests only. Antigen and antibody tests are not accepted.

How long will it take to get my results?

If testing at Bellarmine, you will receive results within 72 hours. If you are tested at an alternate location, test result turnaround times vary greatly.

How much does the test cost?

Your insurance should cover the test even if you’ve been tested previously. If your test is not covered by insurance, Bellarmine will cover the cost if you are tested on campus. Contact if you need assistance.

If I am tested but do not have a result yet, what should I do while I wait for my test result?

Prior to receiving a test result, students are encouraged to stay in place, taking precautions to prevent exposure between the time of their test and their results. Students living on campus may move onto campus with proof that they have taken a test within 5 days of their move-in date, even if they are still waiting to receive results. Please minimize movement on and off campus until you have your results. Students living on campus may be permitted to leave campus but no between-room visitation, in person classes, open dining, or in-person campus events will occur until Monday, January 11, 2020. 

Faculty and Staff
Prior to receiving a test result, faculty and staff are expected to practice the safety measures including wearing a mask; maintaining social distancing (6 feet away from others); frequent hand washing; and frequent use of hand sanitizers. Additionally, continue to complete the health screening form prior to coming to campus. Staff may need to work with their supervisors to have alternative duties that enforce social distancing until their results are in.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?

Please note that Bellarmine is currently enforcing a quarantine period of 14 days for cases of exposure, in accordance with the Louisville Metro Health Department's guidance for congregate living settings.

Every positive person needs to isolate for 14 days from the date of their test. If you are residing off-campus, we ask that you stay at home and isolate for 14 days from the date of your test. If you have moved on-campus, you will be contacted by Bellarmine Residence Life to coordinate next steps.

Faculty and Staff
Every positive person needs to isolate for 14 days from the date of their test.