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Bellarmine Tuition

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Most people find Bellarmine more affordable than they thought.

We understand that when considering college choice, tuition is one of the most sensitive and important matters to take into account. By considering Bellarmine, you are clearly concerned with the quality of education you will receive and are looking for an investment to pay off.

You want the best opportunities. You care about quality. You believe in the college experience.

Our guarantee to you is that Bellarmine is an investment that will pay exceedingly high returns. Our graduates consistently rank highest in the state for graduate school and career placement (99% in 2018), and have 30% higher median salaries than all other Kentucky four-year institutions. Compared nationally, the Brookings Institute found that Bellarmine graduates earn mid-career salaries that are 16% higher than graduates from similar U.S. Universities.

Even knowing the value, making the choice to invest in a quality private higher education can seem daunting when comparing “sticker price” with public institutions. This is why we encourage to you explore all of the resources we make available to you. Finding out how affordable an undergraduate education at BU can be is as easy as 1-2-3. Bellarmine is pleased to provide you the online Net Price Calculator to assist you with calculating your “estimated” educational cost and your estimated scholarship and aid package. Please be advised that the calculator is for estimating purposes only. Final eligibility for aid is subject to student completing the FAFSA, meeting eligibility requirements and availability of funds.