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Academic & Support Services for Student-Athletes

Players from each sport

Our Mission

We are a department focused on building strong relationships with our student-athletes, supporting them through their challenges, fostering their integration with critical resources across campus, and pushing them to be educated in mind, body, and spirit to find their best selves for life beyond college.

Our Vision

We will become an elite NCAA Division I academic & support services unit by having strong working relationships with all of our student-athletes across their time at the university, supporting them to follow their passion by pursuing any area of interest, providing a holistic experience by getting them engaged with partners across campus and in the community, and helping each of our student-athletes to become the leaders they are.

Our Student-Athletes

  • Average Team GPA of 3.29
  • 36 Student-Athletes with 4.0 GPA in Fall 2019
  • 97% of Student-Athletes had career success within six months of graduation
    • 55% Working
    • 38% Continuing Education
    • 4% Military
  • 82% Completed an Internship

Our Office

The Office of Academic and Support Services for Student-Athletes assists with the holistic needs of the student-athlete. This aligns with the University’s mission of providing holistic student development and preparation for success in the professional world. By providing academic and support services to student athletes, the office can foster both personal and academic growth in Bellarmine student-athletes.

  • 75% of students agreed that their advisor was a person that challenged them to do better
  • 91% of students agree that their advisor demonstrates a positive and encouraging attitude towards their progress at Bellarmine
  • 79% See their advisor as a key person in enabling them to be successful at the institution


Students are required to attend all classes and complete all assignments, to initiate open communication with professors regarding travel and game schedules and are expected to uphold the academic integrity policies detailed in the Bellarmine Student Handbook and Bellarmine Student-Athlete Handbook. Student-athletes are also expected to communicate frequently with the Academic and Support Services staff in order to best receive the most effective academic support. This includes coming to all advising meetings prepared with questions and/or information applicable to the session.

Advisors by Sport

  • Baseball: Natalie Cousin
  • Basketball (Men's and Women's): Andrew Schroeder
  • Cross Country / Track and Field (Men's and Women's): Natalie Cousin
  • Field Hockey: Natalie Cousin 
  • Golf (Men's and Women's): Natalie Cousin
  • Lacrosse: Andrew Schroeder 
  • Soccer (Men's): Natalie Cousin
  • Soccer (Women's): Andrew Schroeder 
  • Softball: Natalie Cousin
  • Swimming (Men's and Women's): Natalie Cousin
  • Tennis (Men's and Women's): Natalie Cousin
  • Volleyball: Andrew Schroeder
  • Wrestling: Andrew Schroeder

Have questions? Contact Andrew or Natalie.