Honors Program Student Advisory Board

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The Honors Program Student Advisory Board

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board helps plan co-curricular and social events and advises the Honors Council on other matters related to the program. The board consists of a President, Vice-President of Communication, Vice-President of Outreach, and an elected student representative from each year of the program (e.g., a first-year representative, a sophomore-year representative, etc.). The board meets as a whole on a monthly basis to make plans and share ideas and the President and Vice-Presidents meet regularly with the Honors Program Director and/or members of the Honors Council to pass along the board’s recommendations.

Members of the board will serve for a full academic year, with subsequent elections taking place at the beginning of each fall semester. The presidential position is open to all sophomores, juniors, or seniors in good standing in the program. The vice-presidential positions are open to students in good standing in any year of the program. 
If you have comments and concerns that should be addressed by the board or the Honors Council, please contact the representative for your year.

2020-2021 Student Advisory Board