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Jonathan Blandford, Associate Professor of English

Jon BlandfordPh.D., Indiana University, 2011
Office: Alumni 210
Email: jblandford@bellarmine.edu
Phone: 502.272.7404

Jon Blandford is an Associate Professor of English and the Director of the Honors Program at Bellarmine University. His research interests include U.S. crime literature, law and literature, and the literatures of slavery and abolition. In addition to the Early American survey he teaches every fall, Dr. Blandford has offered courses covering a variety of subjects, ranging from canonical works such as Moby-Dick to the pulp detective fiction of the early twentieth century. He is the author of book chapters on the memoirs of eighteenth-century con man Stephen Burroughs, spectacle in nineteenth-century American law and culture, and late-nineteenth century women’s detective fiction. In May of 2015, he received an academic research grant from Sisters in Crime, a non-profit organization committed to promoting scholarship that contributes to our understanding of the role of the voices of writers sometimes marginalized in the crime fiction genre. In June of 2016, he participated in a week-long seminar on slave narratives at Yale University co-sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

When not doing the things an English professor does—e.g., reading, grading, stroking his beard contemplatively when students say smart things in class—Dr. Blandford enjoys running, listening to music at inappropriately loud decibel levels, and spending time with his wife and daughter. An avid, long-suffering baseball fan, Dr. Blandford is holding out hope that the Cincinnati Reds will win another World Series at some point in his lifetime.