How to Make a Report

To make a report of an incident, any Bellarmine University community member may contact the following on-campus entities:

Lynn Bynum, Title IX Coordinator
Centro, Horrigan Hall 202B (CNHH 202B)

Mark Wiegand, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Miles Hall 314A (MILE 314A)

Natasha Begin, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Centro, Treece Hall 225K (CNTH 225K)

Community members can also fill out the form below.

Additional Resources for Reporting

Office of Public Safety
Treece Hall 054, 502.272.7777

Dean of Students Office
Treece Hall 225, 502.272.8150

Campus Ministry
Horrigan Hall 016, 502.272.7051

Health Services
Newman Hall, 502.272.8313

Counseling Center
Allen Hall 403, 502.272.8480

Housing and Residence Life
Petrik Hall 105, 502.272.7272