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Sports Administration

The major in Sports Administration focuses on increasing students’ understanding and application of the fundamental skills required for sports administration. The major is consistent with the University’s mission to “foster a thoughtful, informed consideration of serious ideas, values and issues – time honored and contemporary – across a broad range of compelling concerns”. The major enables students to explore the area of sports administration through the lens of subjects grounded in the liberal arts as well as professional studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the technical knowledge and professional skills to prepare for a career in the sports industry.
  • Acquire oral and written communication skills to describe and articulate their position on a wide range of technically oriented issues.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in teams, resolve conflicts, provide motivation to others, establish team goals and provide direction.
  • Integrate the theories and skills from the liberal arts foundation in history, psychology, economics, law and communication into a cohesive body of sports knowledge.
  • Students will complete an internship to apply skills and knowledge gained in the program to gain practical learning experience as a sports administration professional.

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Daniel Bauer, DBA, Program Director
Horrigan Hall, H-012