Master of Health Science (MHS)

Become a leader in the healthcare industry with our fully online Master of Health Science.

What is an MHS degree?

The Master of Health Science (MHS) program is designed for practicing healthcare professionals who wish to assume advanced roles in healthcare leadership, promotion, advocacy, or education. With the MHS degree at Bellarmine, you can maintain your career, and work toward advancement in your profession while completing this flexible program.

The 2-year program of study is based on a core curriculum in health sciences, with specialization in healthcare leadership or health promotion and social change, which provides practicing professionals with skills for advancement and additional opportunities. The program can be completed in just 5 semesters both online or in the classroom.

Why choose Bellarmine for your MHS?

Students who choose Bellarmine care about making an impact in their field. MHS graduates are prepared to lead the way in the Healthcare industry. They develop the skills to implement changes in their field that positively impact the patients and their organization. They care about developing both professionally and personally to effectively lead and serve throughout their career. Whether they choose to pursue a track in healthcare leadership or health promotion and social change, they will develop the ability initiate change, and impact outcomes through evidence-based practice. This is a program for those passionate about the future of healthcare.

Alumni Story

Lee Wisdom

“The MHS in Healthcare Leadership at Bellarmine allowed me to continue working full time as a respiratory therapist while studying leadership in a 100% online format. As a new graduate in the field, classroom learning was not a feasible option for my work schedule, but I wanted to continue my education. The MHS allowed me to study leadership styles, issues in healthcare leadership, health policy, and other various topics essential to leadership from a distance. Just three short years after completing my undergraduate degree, I now have the pleasure of serving our community and my team as the Manager of Respiratory Therapy at Norton Hospital while pursuing the Ph.D. In Health Professions Education here at BU. The MHS provided me with a great foundation to utilize in my new leadership role, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering a leadership pathway in any healthcare field.”

Lee E. Wisdom, MHS, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS '15 '17

Career Prospects

The convenience of the MHS online program is perfect for those working full time, looking to advance in the healthcare field. Careers are impacted by a master’s degree in health science by preparing the students to lead and serve as both practitioners and administrators. For students who prefer and can manage an in-person course load, the option to build a network of peers in the classroom can have an immeasurable impact on their career path. Regardless of the experience a student chooses, the Bellarmine name and network come with the degree, and this alone opens doors in Louisville’s healthcare industry.

Admission Requirements

Successful applicants are students with an undergraduate degree in a healthcare related field or who have significant exposure to health issues through their undergraduate coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0. There is no requirement for a graduate entrance exam, but references, transcripts, a resume and goal statement are required. For more information on the application process, check our admission requirements page.

Transcript Review

We can provide feedback about your transcript(s) and coursework. Simply complete the form below by attaching unofficial copies of your transcript(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a difference between the MHS online or the on-campus program?
A. The only true difference is course delivery. The assignments, admission requirements, and expectations are the same regardless of choosing the online master’s in health science or on campus. The degree you receive at the end is a Bellarmine degree, no matter what.

Q. What careers in health science will the MHS prepare me for?
A. This program is applicable in any management role in healthcare because it can be focused on your goals. The Master of Health Science prepares students for leadership roles in all facets of healthcare. If you are a current practitioner looking to move into a managerial role, this will set you apart from your peers. If you are an administrator with a desire to innovate within your organization, this will give you the tools to implement change and provide the foundational skills for your upward career path. The skills you learn in leadership and management will prepare you to navigate the ever-changing field.

Q. Do I need to take a GRE?
A. No. Our program does not require any entrance exams. Our admission decision is based on your transcripts, resume, goal statement, and recommendations.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Our application is completely online through a centralized application service.

Faculty Profiles

Here is a quick snapshot of a few of our faculty members. Read profiles of all of our distinguished faculty.

Christy Kane

Chair, Respiratory Therapy and Ph.D. in Health Professions Education Program

Interests: Interprofessional education, college student retention, and smoking/nicotine use

Kathy Hager, DNP, APRN, FNP, CDE

Kathy Hager, DNP, APRN, FNP, CDE
Associate Professor

Interests: The school nurse’s role in population health, evidence based practice in diabetes care; healthy aging and end of life care; pain and symptom control in nursing home population; cancer care

David G. Wolf, Ph.D., MSJ, MSOL

David G. Wolf, Ph.D., MSJ, MSOL
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Health & Aging Services Leadership

Interests: Evidence-based healthcare quality improvement, long-term care leadership development through simulation, healthcare organizational leadership process improvement

Funding Assistance

As a degree seeking student in the MHS program, students should be eligible for federally supported forms of student aid. Financial aid questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at Bellarmine University ( or 502.272.7300).

Program Outcomes

  1. Integrate findings from the sciences and humanities to improve health care across diverse settings.
  2. Collaborate within interprofessional teams using effective leadership skills, ethical awareness, and critical decision making skills to promote change.
  3. Employ evidence-based practice methods to initiate changes and to disseminate results.
  4. Assume leadership roles that contribute to, and advocate for social, cultural, economic, and political changes to impact health care delivery.


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