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Degree Completions

Bellarmine University also measures student achievement by the number of degrees it confers each year. These degrees are important to Kentucky's stated educational goals, as well, since many Bellarmine graduates remain in Louisville.

Degree Completion Trends

Since 2009, the University has seen an increase in the number of bachelor’s degrees it awarded from a five-year average of 395 to its current five-year average of 574 each academic year. It has also increased the total number of degrees (all levels) each year from a five-year average of 700 to a five-year average of 884. In addition to bachelor's and master's level degrees, Bellarmine awards doctorate degrees (research/scholarship category) in Education and Social Change, Leadership in Higher Education and doctorate degrees (professional category) in Nursing Practice and Physical Therapy.

The documents below illustrate Bellarmine's degree award trends:

Official Degrees Awarded  Click image to open full-sized PDF
Official Degrees Awarded, 2012-2018

The number of degrees awarded by academic level, major and gender offers a more granular look at Bellarmine's success in producing graduates who contribute to all aspects of Kentucky's economy and labor force:

Degrees Awarded by Major  Click image to open full-sized PDF
Official Degrees Awarded by Major and Sex, 2012-2018